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For those who like Rock Vocal distortion!!!

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Hi there

Just wanted to post this thing i recorded this week (for an audition)

I think it's not that easy to sing lol. The main problem for me is to be relaxed on the verses parts. The chorus is 100% rock n roll, contains some really high notes (D).

The only thing that i can tell you is that the volume is really not as loud as it may seems, i finally found the placement and support, i think.

So here's the link, i recorded also the guitars.

Please comment on it, to help me being a better singer!

Thanxs a lot rock buddies!!!

ps: if you want to hear my live guitar playing, feel free to go here

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Thanxs Jugulator.

It takes a lot of support, but if the sound is in the good place, it makes life really easier. The difficult thing for me is to "switch" from a lot of support to less support. As you can hear in the verses, it's near straining :(.

Strange thing, it has always been easier for me to sing in higher part of my voice than the middle part. I don't talk about the low part, i have no lows lol.

If you or others have some good exercices for support, i'll take 'em all!

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Btw. once I was contemplating the idea of moving to France but I wasn't sure if the music scene there, f.ex. in Paris, was good enough. Doesn't everyone sing in French and want to here French singing for starters? And is there any rock scene there? Also, for some reason I can't remember any huge ROCK bands that come from France and are known throughout the world. Even Norway has Aha (well, that's a pop band, but... hey...), but what about France?

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Hi buddy!

Thanxs for the compliments.

I have to admin that i've not been working on my voice at all this year... I had to sing some songs with my bands (professional bands) and i decided to not practice any exercises but just sing the songs. And you know what it has helped me a lot!!! Doing things this way forced me to sing with what i already know, without having to tell me everyday it could be better. I just wanted to "fit" in the songs.

Now i really know what i can sing and where are my limits and lack of technique. I'm gonna get back to exercices routine this week, i have a big big big audition for a great rock band (60 gigs a year).

And do ever think about coming to france. Living with music in france is really hard. Not many place to play, in paris now it's really hard to be paid for playing, it's a fuckin shame...

By the way cool you've enjoyed my guitar playing too.

I'll post a new song i did yesterday. it's everybreath you take, it's harder than is seems lol.


many thanxs!!!

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