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Could y'all please comment on my vocal?

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Basically I'd just like your opinions on my vocal: the strengths, the weaknesses etc.

I've always loved to sing. I don't want to be a professional singer, but I still want to improve my voice in every way possible. Here's a clip of me singing the chorus of Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia:


It's just that every time I record myself singing, I can't help but feel disappointed when I play it back. It sounds like nothing beyond a "karaoke" voice. Nothing special about it. It's just kind of there...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will always continue to practice simply because I just really enjoy it. But what do you think I need to work most on? :)

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I'm not an vocal expert by any means, so please consider this my personal opinion only.

Did you use any effects on the recording? I don't know if it's just my bad speakers (they _are_ bad) but there seems to be some dark muddy "undertone" ringing at an octave below the main signal, which sounds rather unpleasant to my ears.

For my taste, your voice needs more resonance and edge to it to make it more brilliant and less muddy sounding. It sounds very much out-of-the-mouth-sung to me so your voice seems a bit muffled and not too shiny. Also the intonation on the sustained notes (blue lake) is a bit off so I'd work on that as well. And I think you should focus also on agility, i.e. being able to quickly change between different pitches and intervals.

I found lip roll/trill arpeggio vocalizes over two octaves very effective for building agility, for edge try some squeaky hums using the same scalar pattern.

Again, just my opinion, there are by far more experienced vocalists around this forum that can give you a better assessment.

Hope that helps though!

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What a cracker of a tune, I just looked it up. I actually quite liked your tone, I think you've definitely got something going on there but as you say, it's hard to compare ourself to an original song.

Now keep in mind that electronic dance music has a LOT of effects on the vocals; that's half the magic of why certain producers make such banging tracks. They can take a "good" voice and make it "freakin' awesome" within the song.

So as a starting singer you can't compare yourself to a record, especially an EDM track. My advice is to keep singing, keep reading, and if you can, find a teacher.

PS: I sang cover of Pendulum's "Witchcraft" last year with a band and I was in way over my head. I wish I had a recording to show you, but trying to sing those high notes which are quite similar to this vocal style... Ugh :P

One step at a time, that's what I tell myself.

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I don't know the song. Anyway, are you comparing yourself to the album version?

Bad idea. For all the reasons that Bounce listed.

As well as you may not sound like the original singer, which is absolutely nothing against your voice. I am always tilting at the windmill of getting people to accept their own voices, rather than trying to hammer them into someone else's voice.

Your voice sounded fine to me. Quite boomy. Let me request that you cover "Epic" by Faith No More. You have the right range and getting in the mood of the song might intuitively teach you how to get a little more treble in your voice, if that is what you are looking for.

And that's another thing. We don't know what you recorded into and what eq values were put on mixing it. Trust me, I am king of the cruddy mix and have shot myself in the foot more than once. Not something I am proud of, just an unfortunate fact.

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I found your voice to be way to covered *LIke your nose is blocked*right out of the gate, and you really need to pronounce your words.. It was hard to understand the first " Blue Lake " you sang...

I don't know how your tone will be, since it will change dramatically when you sing with more mask ...

You'll see the difference if you say " NA NA NA NA NA " like kids do when they say " You can't catch me.. NA NA NA_NA_NA"...

You should feel a slight vibration in your nose and face area.

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