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Would you rather be judged by a panel or by TV viewer vote-ins?

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It's hard for me to choose.

In this singer's forum, we have some of the finest singers I have heard. And some of the most discriminating ears. High standards, indeed. So, for example, if Felipe gives me favorable reviews on a submission, I know I have accomplished something. Does it translate to lots of record sales? Don't know. We concentrate in singing more than anything in here, and most especially, the technical side of it. "Your vowel is too wide or too narrow, do this for distortion," etc.

What about a judge's panel? Usually people with some experience in the field of music. People who have made decisions regarding careers. With the exception of celebrity judges, such as Steven Tyler. He may not be a talent manager like Simon Cowell. And maybe his musical tastes are so different that to have an agreement on something is a good thing.

The vote-in (from the audience.) These are the people who will buy your albums. Or not. But what are they buying on the talent show? Mostly covers of songs, from what I have seen. There is actually very little songwriting from the entrants going on. And even if you sing an original and win the contest from the vote-in, it doesn't mean that you be a platinum selling artist outside of the contest.

In some cases, the winner pleases both the judges and the audience.

I think, of the two, judge or vote-in, rejection from the vote-in is easier to take. Because maybe you were just not the audience's cup of tea because they don't know as much about singing and performing as the judges do. For the judges to reject you is closer to our critiques in here. That is, let's say that you lose while singing a heavy metal song. You can chock it up to an audience that would rather hear Lil Wayne than Uriah Heep. And then go out and find the audience that appreciates you. Which means you didn't need the talent show, at all.

But can you win over an audience, even if they are not that into the music you are singing?

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I think we need to look at what these shows are about; contemporary popular music. If I was trying to be a successful commercial artist then I suppose a vote-in would be better, because let's face it, that's pretty much how popular music is sold, isn't it? Singing competitions aren't really about the best technical singer but the one liked by the most amount of people (and thus will make the most money).

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And modern audiences just aren't that much into "Child in Time" or "Here I go again" or "Run to the Hills."

So, I guess, a lot of us are out of luck. Here's some irony. One of the best singers in AI was Adam Lambert. In fact, in my mind, the only two names I can remember right off the bat are his and Kelly Clarkson. Anyway, so Adam gets all the way to the last night singing mostly hard rock and heavy metal. But his own style in his albums since then is jazz and contemporary and R & B - ish.

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