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Very useful exercise. Sueeeee!!!!

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Hey all, one exercise that is helping me a lot is the "sueeeeee (sOUUUUU) exercise. The way I like to do this exercise is to start off practising some basic hissing (sssss). Don't pass out hissing but try and hiss until you actually feel control of the breath flow. Now WITHOUT changing the airflow try singing Sss-ouuuuuu-ouuu. Start in the lower register and you will automatically feel the cords thinning. Now as you get higher the natural tendency is to push but instead of pushing try to LESSEN the airflow and CRY "sue" (it helps to pretend she is your girlfriend about to leave you lol). Next thing you know you are twanging on the thin edges of the vocal folds using very little air lol! This exercise has helped me bridge a lot easier and combined with the hiss is a powerful tool in my arsenal.

Try the Sue exercise on a siren and also try it with the mouth in cuperto mode (small mouth opening). Let me know how this exercise works for you or if you have any fun exercises like this feel free to share :) I find it 1 million times easier to do exercises if they are fun and almost stupid sounding, that's what seems to help me the most lol!

- JayMC

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