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Tenors - Technique questions in a song

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Hi, I'm new to TMV so I'm not at all familiar with the system and vocal terminology in general.

I found this song and love the singer's voice. I would like to know about the techniques used here. There is such presence of the singer's tone throughout his high register. The voice in the choruses and the verses are full and powerful and in the breakdown, he gets up to a high D#.

It's a cover of Bjork's Pagan Poetry. He didn't transpose down an octave and he matches her presence.


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It's a cool song and a cool tone he gets. I'm not familiar with this guy, and I'm not really sure he uses healthy technique. He's using distortion up top which sounds good, but it could be an unhealthy distortion. The clues are that he has trouble maintaining pitch, distortion consistency and he uses virtually no vibrato. I say that based on this performance and a live performance I found on youtube. Now that could be all intentional, and he may be in full control. The only person that would know if he's hurting his voice is him. It's hard for another person to know for sure.

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