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Trouble singing in the morning

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We've just been picked up by a label and we've been playing a crazy amount of shows. Yesterday, we had to perform on a local news station at 6am!!!!! then we played a show last night from 9-1, then another show today at 3:30 and I woke up with my my voice sounding like a frog!

I snore and wake up dehydrated every day. There's no telling what hell my throat went through all night long and now I have to perform. Are there any secrets to get my voice back in shape before the day's show?

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Well, there's no one beating down my door and putting me on a crazy performance schedule. But along with the hydration, get rest whenever you can.

Some people just wake up with a froggy voice and need a warm up. And remember, hydration actually starts the day before the event. And if you are doing evening shows, drink water rather than alcohol. Everyone gets to party except for the singer.

The reason is that alcohol creates systemic dehydration. BAC goes up while BWC goes down. And alcohol has as drying effect. That's why forms of alcohol are used in various products that must dry out fast.

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