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How to get past next bridge?

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You need to back off quite a bit. Sounds like you are forcing it. As I recentt learned, the resonant space for notes that high is very small . Back off breath pressure a bit.

Wow okay so I tried this and everything started working. I haven't tried to see how high I could get, but I was able to sing up to Eb5 in a full voice, and everything was connected. There were no breaks or anything and the tones were sounding good. Before I could only hit a C#5 very briefly before having to use head voice.

I guess the whole problem was that I was thinking that the upper pressure had to be sustained to get those notes. I don't know how the pressure changes for the super duper high notes above this, but now the control is much better for what I'm singing. I nudge the pressure in the right amount, but I don't actively sustain it or constrict my throat.

The sensation is easier for lower notes because there's no extra pressure there, but the high notes get confusing because if you only relax the throat you go into falsetto, but if you push and sustain too much, you get met with a giant bridge at a certain point. The correct way is a mix between these two.

Got to keep working at this. thumbs up d_b to Mr Keith

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