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How to find the whistle register?

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I have not yet succeeded in finding my whistle register.

I am, of course, convinced everyone possess all registers. Anything else sounds silly.

I have tried searching around the webs unsuccessfully,

I have watched those two videos by Brett Manning -


I have also tried to follow the description/information in Complete Vocal Technique

without success.

I would be most grateful for any help, and presumably exuberant for any successful help.

Information about the current state of my singing:

I have sung "seriously", that is, taken lessons, and taken singing seriously, for 1.5 years.

I have little idea whether I sing in falsetto or head voice. My tones are not breathy, either way.

I can relatively easily sing up to G5. The highest note I have sung with a vocal teacher nearby is a B5.

While using my guitar tuner and experimenting today, I was able to produce various C6s, and three C#6s,

none of which felt like they hurt. I was not, however, able to do those upwards whistle slides. The notes above G5 are somewhat hit and miss when I sing.

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I have not yet tampered with whistle but I hear it in my voice when I'm training sometimes. I suggest you stay away from "vocal fry up to whistle" until you fully master the fry sound. Lip rolling/tongue trilling your way up there seems to be the most fun and effective way. You've got to remember 2 things, 1 raising the larynx to high will screw you over, and use VERY VERY little air. Thats how children are able to whistle so easily... their cords are closed, they use very little air... they dont even notice they are doing it sometimes. Thats the mindset you want to have :cool: Using LESS air is actually harder than you think! Get familiar with the upper head voice mechanism then use "less" not more.

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You need to let your tongue move back as you go higher and you have to sing from your throat which allows the cords to thin the most. If you are using mouth pressure, it's IMPOSSIBLE to thin your cords enough. The whole thing where he says to use a "oo" in-place of lip bubbles is perfectly fine to train with.

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It is easiest to find whistle register from vocal fry. (at least for me.) Dover, what is mouth pressure?

er well like how when you first use falsetto, you let all the pressure travel forwards which constricts the muscles. That's what brett manning means by having a low larynx, is not to let the pressure go to forward.

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