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Releasing that chokey feeling around C4-F4

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Yeah I'm still in this area. Slowly working my way out.

I seem to focus on G4 upwards and I'm getting there slowly, BUT I feel I'm neglecting C4-F4 more.

I still feel that little bit of tension in my neck in that area.

I try to keep it dopey and cry (I naturally cry as I get higher). https://www.box.com/s/ekuyywudpjeeaej3gmxp

I also find NG and MUM hard to do, voice seems to choke or crack up. I know that these aren't specific things that I need to get through this area. I relax and support as normal and this area just seems choked up a little more.

I think one area MAY be onsets I feel they are a little harsh on my cords at times.

Just wanted some tips or things you did to straighten this area out and rid the tension.

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D. Starr you answered your own question don't have a chokey feeling there.You might not need cry you just need to open it up, back and up. A silent h is the onset. Take ah move towards awe or uh or slight oh or take any vowel and slightly drop your. Don't make this harder than it is. :D Also take your falsetto and move it around this area during your practice time

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what also needs to be mentioned is the need to do exercises that make you stronger to be able to control the larynx.

it's control you're after. in beginning singers, there is a tendency to have the larynx shoot up when going for high notes ands choking off the air.

you need to have an open throat...just like you don't kink a waterhose because it cuts off the flow.

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