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awesome teacher!

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Ok this probably is the wrong section but whatever. I just want to say that robert our maestro is really awesome guys!

I mean the dedication the time he puts in his program and the passion he has for his students is really moving

To anyone who did not get pillars. You are missing a lot and I mean a lot. Get it! What are you waiting for?!

I thought that you know we all would like to show rob our appreciation for the most amazing vocal program in the universe period.

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@ Halcyon >>> :cool::cool::cool:


For all other members who are not familiar with Robert and PILLARS >>>

You can find my testimonial dated 1 April 2012 @ "Vocal Technique >> My bands show last night and Pillars".

AND, if you really want to see Robert's dedication to his students/clients, check the post in :

"Vocal Technique >> "Lift up and pull back". This is but only ONE example !!!!

I SWEAR the man never sleeps !!! ???


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Halcyon Did you not end up getting the KTVA program?

hey bro i did i got the program but I feel TVS more ;)

KTVA is pretty solid but ken is just way to expensive man

300 bucks for 1 lesson yikes

and besides the monetary issue

i strain a lot on ktva

and shout a lot too

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you shouldn't blame the program if you are straining and shouting. you are responsible for what you get out of a given program.

any time you have to d.i.y., you are operating at a disadvantage.

im not blaming the program.

i agree it may have sounded like that but i certainly didnt intend to

i mean well. hey if guitartrek got results with ktvabthen it must work

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I like Ken Tamplin. He makes it look easy and he is always smiling and not just in order to lift the small palate. I think he enjoys what he does. And Geno, the resident follower of KTVA in this forum is a phenomenal singer and I don't say that just to be a cheerleader or to be politically savvy in the forum. I say it because I believe it. Any of you that have known me for a while know that I can say what I think or know and it is not always well received.

And it's okay for Halcyon to find material and progress more suitable to his liking with 4 Pillars. And I don't say that to be on Robert's good side, though I admire Robert and his work ethic and his generosity. And just as importantly, if not more so, his results. I have yet to see a 4 Pillars student develope and not be astonishing.

Likewise, Ken has students that could easily be rock stars, right now.

Granted, we've all noted that a main distinction between the two programs is that Robert bridges early, Ken bridges later. And that may depend on voice type. Geno is great and maybe he has the kind of voice that responds better to bridging later. And likewise, with Halcyon, maybe bridging early helps him avoid things like shouting and that his voice just responds to this program better.

And if 4 Pillars works better with Halcyon's finances, bonus. In the end, are you getting the value that you want out of the program for the value invested? Is your voice doing what you want to do?

How many people that have gone with other systems than these two, systems that offer a la carte pricing, only to find that what they want is with these systems? They want the "rock" voice. And this is the place to get it.

I didn't get the impression that you were blaming anyone or anything Halcyon. And I think Bob was trying to avert another singing system comparison thread. Anyway, good luck with 4 Pillars. You will be more amazing than you are now. So, start working on accepting that destiny. You will have to learn to live with your golden voice.

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