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How to Stop Pulling Chest!

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Hey all, this is me singing a little snippet. I was really vocally tired for this recording, there is a little bit of re-verb but no other effects. At this point my voice was more breathy/disconnected than it usually was and I was kind of forcing my voice to pull up :o How can I improve this part of my voice?

After hearing this recording what would you tell me to improve on? What are my weaknesses and how can I improve them? ANY advice is welcome :)

Ps you all have been so helpful thus far! And this is an older recording when I was actually sick lol.

Are there any exercises to work that range without "PUSHING" into it? You can actually hear me pull my voice up and it's not a good feeling! :(

Note: I can hear my voice leaking air and I'm sort of pushing (instead of holding back) at "AND I KNOW IT MAKES NO SENSE". Feels like too much air, not enough tone. Thanks for listening guys, you don't understand how grateful I am for the tips you have already shared :D

- JayMC

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don't worry, this is not an example of pulling chest, but rather using very little of chest voice musculature to produce those notes.

you are favoring head voice, not chest voice in this example.

can you send over a sample of you singing a stacatto scale with the word "may?"

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yeh, it certainly doesn't sound like your pulling chest voice in this clip. You've accessed your head voice :). Just to get it more resonant and powerful ......... The reason your head voice has this breathy tone is because your vocal cords are apart. To bring them closer together you use twang. This is felt as a nasal resonance. Make some really nasal sounds and hear that that are much more resonant. Use this as a tool to get you from falsetto (breathy head voice) to a full head voice tone.

But a sample of you doing some exercises that bridge from your chest to head would be helpful :D

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