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Master Low Falsetto

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Hey all, just as I can use less chest musculature and more heady tones in my lower voice... I can do the OPPOSITE in my falsetto. There are certain days where I can bring the falsetto almost to my speaking voice. Now at this point it still feels like head voice but my chest is actually vibrating and its super easy to pull up into higher notes.

It feels like a thickened falsetto, a little bit lower than the diva-ish sound.

Now here's the problem? When I get low in my falsetto (usually on a mum mum , or mee mee mee) it feels awkward to bridge.

How do I relax into the bridge? How do I combine the power of all these resonators without an audible shift on my voice? It feels like so much of my voice is involved I don't know how to blend down when I'm that low in falsetto.

More specifically how can I master the lower-falsetto to such an extent that I can go all the way UP into high head tones or all the way DOWN into a deeep bassy voice without falling apart!

Ps I will provide a recording of my super diva-ish falsetto as soon as I get this sorted out ;) no recording equipment as of right now :(

Any advice would be useful, I know most men don't like working this area of their voice. Personally, I do :P

(Also right after this post I tried some ascending "Ngooo-ou-ou-ou-ou" on a 5 tone scale all the way up from chest... my voice was totally seamless :S I think it's because I just worked the lower falsetto LOOL.)

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we're talking head voice....

work the head voice seperately with vowels condusive to narrowing and that keep you from engaging chest voice musculature.

you want you work with "ee" and "oo" for starters. do slides in a descending fashion for a good while keeping out chest voice musculature. work this part of your voice and it will begin to get stronger.

start nice and light. they're easy and they work. be sure to run all the down past your break then you will need to back off the volume as you head all the way down. for this exercise, don't engage chest voice musculature.

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