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Consistent vs Dynamic Air Pressure

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When singing should air pressure be consistent as in a "ssssss" at consistent volume or should the pressure vary depending on what one is singing? I know it takes very little air to sing but should the air pressure be a consistent stream of steady air or VARY from time to time depending on the notes?

For example:

Happy birthday to you!




This has been bothering me lol I feel like I can sing either way, with consistent or dynamic air pressure. What do the vocal cords like better?

- JayMC

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it all depends on the material you are singing and how you want to sound.

the vocal folds don't like to be slammed.

when i sing certain songs with strong dynamic contrast or interval jumps i can feel like i'm bouncing the lower core.

you have to experiment based on the intended sound....example statatto fashion vs. legatto.

if you are a beginner you want to work on a controlled release of air. no pushing, no pressing, no punching.

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