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Amazing Audition Analysis

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Hey all, I freakin' LOVE THIS. I need your help breaking down what exactly is happening.


Go to 1:20 and you will hear the part I'm talking about. I won't give up until I can sing like this. What he's doing there astounds me. What is happening behind the sound? It sounds like Robert Lunte's crazy sirens LOL !

What can I do to be able to even reach that level of intensity? Ps. he cracks at 1:38 slightly but he is still able to maintain the sound, you can barely hear it since the audience goes nuts!

I feel fairly inadequate since this is the kind of music I want to sing. What exercises would help me even get close to what he just did there? Is it even possible for me? Keep in mind I dont even know how he did that :/

Let the breakdown begin!

- JayMC

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