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The four pillars of singing 2.0 for pop singers

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Hey Guys.

I am considering purchasing the four pillars 2.0 program, but before I do, I would like to chat or get some honest reviews from anyone who has and is using it, and also most importantly pop and r&b singers.

I have heard from Robert, and from a few more on this forum, but would love o hear more. Also think that there are others who would be very happy with this sort of information.

I have started with SLS using seth riggs singing for the stars and a few sessions with an SLS certified vocal coach a couple years back.

This is what I ussually do before purchasing something. I investigate it to death to make sure its for me, and ill get the bang for the buck.

I hope some of you can help me.

Thanks Guys!


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I have pillars. Until recently, I was dedicating an hour a day to it, and another hour of just singing cover songs. My school work is crazy this semester, so I had to cut back. I sing about half hour a day now. I use some new stuff that Robert sent as an update to his pillars program. Most days I sing in the shower lol. Since I started doing the new stuff, and cutting back, I have added E5 and F5 to the list of notes I can sing because of Pillars. Last night, I hosted karaoke at a local club, and I was able to sing the high notes at the end of "Runaway" by Bon Jovi - for the first time ever. This program is like anything else - you get out of it what you put into it. And, as I have learned, it is not always the quantity of practice, its the quality of practice. I have made more improvements while cutting back and making sure I do the exersizes properly, than I did when I was singing them to death. Robert doesn't teach style, rather, he teaches you the skills to sing whatever style you want. Hope this helps.


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Hey voc-al, I haven't used four pillars myself, but here's my take on this. Any good program should give you the tools you need to sing in any style you want. Opera, of course, is in a bit of a world of its own, but even then, a good program should enable you to get the basics of the classical setup.

An experienced professional like Rob Lunte can certainly tell you what you need to do to get the style you're looking for. But even more than that, a good program should enable YOU to listen to artists and figure out for yourself what choices you need to make to replicate their sound.

If you don't feel like you're getting that with SLS, I would definitely consider something else. I can't vouch for Four Pillars personally, but I'm almost certain that there are people on this forum who will tell you that the program has enabled them to do what I just described.

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I bought pillars 2.0 in April and have been taking regular skype lessons with Robert ever since..

Pillars doesn't gear to any particular style of music. Among other things he trains your voice to bridge and connect your chest and head registers, extend range through building muscular strength and memory, develop proper resonance to achieve optimum tone etc... all of which are skills that are necessary to excel in any style of music.

Learning from Robert has not changed my vocal style in any way, but only built on it giving me more freedom with notes, better control and a fuller tone. When we take lessons I'm told to choose songs that I like, and we work on them together.

Also if you look on his youtube channel, he has recently posted performance videos from some of his students who are performing RnB, soul and pop music very well.

So in short, yes I would recommend pillars 2.0 if you want to sing pop music

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