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Happy Birthday, Brian Johnson

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I just read the book that he wrote. Which is about his with cars, with the occasional nod to his "day" job. Juicy tidbit that even I did not know: Angus Young does not have a driver's license. He has to have a driver or car service to go anywhere. Phil Rudd drives like a maniac. Malcolm waited forever to get a Rolls, though he could have afforded on much earlier.

Brian has raced F-1 cars.

His first band with some success was called Geordie, named after the miners from the region where he grew up. His father was a geordie. Very much working class. And that upbringing is why Brian can't keep still, even in his 60's.

Racing cars is an athletic endeavor. Average temperature in the car on the track can be at least 100 F. Then, imagine the fireproof racing suit. It's not uncommon for a driver to lose a few pounds of bodily water in a race.

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