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Check my support thank you :)

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Hello people, a while ago I posted some recordings of mine, in which I was given feedback that my support needed work.

This was the recording I posted a week ago.


Meanwhiile I have been watching videos on support and practising too. I can get a pretty good ribs expansion by now and hold them there (I had a choir friend to check this for me). However, I realised that I was just holding my ribs there, but I wasn't as much of leading the expansion by "holding" down the diaphragm. As such I didn't have that "tension" in the abdominal support until a moment ago when I tried leading with the diaphragm.

Here's a recording with ribs expansion, but not much tension in the abdominal support.


Here's a recording with supposedly more diaphragm "activation".


Judging from the recording I think I would need more time working on support, but any constructive criticism is appreciated.:)

Anyway I gathered a few areas I have to touch up on too:

1) I might be still releasing too much air...

2)At certain onsets and consonants I tend to let out too much air...

Thank you!

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