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Favorite Books/Recommended Reading

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Hey all, what books have really helped you understand and exercise the voice? Preferably anything I can get at Chapters or local bookstore. There are so many books on vocal technique out there. Ofcourse The 4 Pillars of Singing is my go-to book. It would be nice to just read some other stuff; I heard Richard Miller and Anthony Frisell have some great books on vocal technique.

Any recommendations guys?

- JayMC

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"The Voice Book" by Kate Devore

"The Contemporary Singer: Elements of Vocal Technique" by Anne Peckham (mostly for the vocal workout CD rather than the the book itself)

I have both books.

Although, honestly, if you're already Robert Lunte's students, you could just stick with his material.

It takes time to build a good voice.

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"Pillars of Singing 2.0" - Robert Lunte

"Resonance in Singing and Speaking" - Dr. Thomas Fillebrown

"Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing" ( a book of interviews from Ron Keel, Rob Halford, John Bush, Geoff Tate, et al) - Brian Martin

"How to Sing" - Lilli Lehmann, another book by the same title by Graham Hewitt.

"The Tenor Voice" - Anthony Frisell

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