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Holding the last note

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Hey guys! I appreciate all the support so far.:)

This forum has really been helping me out alot lately.

Especially that video that was posted about resonance with the gahs and the yahs.

That was like a key that unlocked my higher range.

I went to the local karaoke place (Im in Japan so the rooms are private) and let loose.

My voice opened alot and I experimented while monitoring my pitch on the pitch detector on the machine.

One thing that I noticed and that I've had a consistent problem with is that Im pretty good at hitting the main notes in a verse but when it comes to the last note of phrase (or any notes held out) I tend to fall right flat of the note.

No matter how I seem to manipulate my positioning it doesnt go up.

Im really confused about this. Is this a common problem?

When you goes hold out a long note where are you feeling it and how do you insure it gets to where it needs to be.

This could be a support problem as I dont know really what proper support feels like so I would be doing it wrong.

I want to upload my session but we'll see if my iphone allows me.

Until then, any advice would be great.

Thank you.

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