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Codyknight22 First Post: One More Night, by Maroon 5

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So here is my first post, and the number one feedback I'm looking for is whether or not I can actually sing. I do not know personally, nor has anyone ever really heard me sing. So here it is, One More Night and hopefully I will know.

{Also note that the back vocals came with the karaoke version on youtube and forgive my camera quality}. {Also note I realize my voice went way out of whack in a couple of places and I apologize for that}.

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Yes you can sing.

Right now, you are doing it incorrectly though.

What you are hearing is the song in your head, rather than what your voice actually sounds like.

You are off pitch and pretty much just talking with the song.

I'm not sure who the singer of Maroon 5 is, but I always liked him (even though I am more of a heavy metal kind of guy). What makes him a good singer is not just the notes that he sings, it is the sound that he achieves. This sound, I suspect, would be very difficult for a beginner to achieve. So here are some tips for you:

-Sing louder, wayy louder

-Listen to yourself, not the vocals you want to hear

-Make sure that you are on the correct pitch (playing other instruments helps, but idk if you do that)

-Maybe start with something a bit easier, that also isn't incredibly high like that song lol

-Strive to SOUND like the vocalists you like, but don't lose sight of improving in any way possible

-Search around for free advice/lessons

-Don't hurt your voice

Learn to love singing, you can do it eventually.

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Thank you Lord_Adōn.

You have no idea how much that helps me and how much that will make it easier on me. I listened to it and yes I was off pitch, and my voice is really deep, not at all like Adam Lavines {lead singer of Maroon 5, not sure if I spelt his name right}, and volume was an issue. But, now that I have some advice, I can view it from a non-bias view point. Lastly any recommendations? Any idea's for a song maybe that I could try out? But either way thank you so much for your advice.


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Man, you could start by singing anything really!

If you play an instrument, do something like strum/sing at the same time to be able to place notes in context of the song. Like Jimi Hendrix/Stevie Ray or maybe something older like Lead Belly (blues stuff). I wouldn't reccomend pop at the start really because I notice a lot of people develop the nasal-ish kind of sound, IMO it sounds bad, but you might like it, idk.

What kind of genre would you want?

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That's my main problem. I'm 13 and I don't really have a clear direction in terms of genre, and when I started to reject the modern day music {rap and auto tune}, I cut off the music world by a lot. That part I regret. I don't play instruments at all. That's why I came here. I'm in some need of a little bit of guidance. Or a lot of guidance as you can probably tell. So just any song that you think my voice is equipped to do would be good. Thank you again and if you can't answer the question, I'm fine with that. You've already helped out a lot.

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You have not even touched the surface of the musical world :D. The reason that the music industry is messed up, is because people only know of what they are exposed to.

Every time I meet a person, I can name ~ 20 bands or artists that they have never heard of, and this is not their fault, but you have no idea how many great bands have existed and exist no longer.

It probably wouldn't be too fair for me to tell you to do a song, but you could try something by The Beatles. They always had good songs and melodies, and usually didn't do incredibly difficult songs either!

You might want to search around on your own...

Discover new types of music as well!

You say that you cut off the music world, what about....










Classic Rock







You have to keep in mind that each and every classification holds thousands of different styles in it's own, particularly those of 'folk' 'foreign' 'avant-garde' and so on. In each of those styles there is an even more diverse range of singing styles and abilities! For example, mongolians have a technique that seemingly achieves two notes at the same time, called 'throat singing' (though truly it is an overtone). The swiss folk music utilizes the vocal 'break' into falsetto to achieve a fast stocatto 'jump' from note-to note (yodel). Every person has a unique voice, too. It's a matter of finding what sounds YOU are good at, and YOU want to improve upon.

Good luck! :)

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You're very young and so have lots of time to develop. Start at the beginning...the very bottom, take your time, practice allot, step by step. I would say to first learn how to breath and connect the breath with your voice; while at the same time learn how to direct your voice (placement) to the correct places so it sounds best and more resonant.

When I watch your video it is strange because I see your mouth moving but at the same time it doesn't seem like the sound is coming out of your mouth. It is as if it is dubbed. It seems as if your nose is doing the singing. All the sound sounds stuck and stiff like you are holding it back. It all seems to be stuck in your nose. You need to breath and let the air carry your voice to the proper places within your headspace. Resonate. Right now you are trying to let sound out while at the same time holding it back and that ain't workin' !

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@Lord and @Tommy

Tommy, the camera that I was using happens to show movement a bit late so thats why it seems so weird. But I have to agree with you in the sense that it was not working out so well for me as a whole. And Lord, I'll check stuff out and see what I want to try to pursue and hopefully get better. As to the both of you, this is the first real advice I have ever gotten so that you guys so much for that.

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@Lord and @Tommy

Tommy, the camera that I was using happens to show movement a bit late so that's why it seems so weird.

I understand that.:) But I'm not talking about latency or syncing. I'm talking about sound and resonance. It's stuck in your nose and that is only a matter of learning how to direct it and how to breath.

It's only a matter of singing education. :)

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