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Lip Roll Trick

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Hey all, I just thought I'd share something cool because you all have been so helpful to me.

Try lip rolling in the higher register, just keep it relaxed... if you cannot lip roll a note for more than 10 seconds chances are you are lip rolling with too much/air or too fast. What helped me with "too much air" during lip rolls was to literally lip roll with no sound and using only support to maintain it for about 10seconds+, if you have a hard time with this stop your lip roll half way, focus, and continue for the remainder of time. One thing that helped me with this exercise is to feel as if you are sending the air UP and BACK instead of out your actual lips.

Now here comes the fun part... so I'm in the upper register just doing a single sustained falsetto tone, even though my lips are going "b,b,b,b,b" the vowel I'm actually using is "ouu" so the sound is "bouuu" now with my lips still closed and the air still flowing through I switch the vowel to "eee" so "beeee" you will notice that there is an actual change of resonance on the same note. Now KEEP THAT RESONANCE and switch back to "bouuu" that little "ou" sound just became much more powerful. Need I say more? I'm sure you can find your own uses for this ;)

Falsetto development let's go! ;)

- JayMC

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I only find lip rolls good for warming down.

Since I adopted warming up how I sing I left lip rolls alone. They simple teach you hoe much air and less effort it takes to go ip and down your registers in a semi occluded phonation.

Like Ron says to be a vocal athelete you must train like one.

Leave the lip bubbles and trills and start some real.semi occluded sirens/phonations that relate to your style of singing.

Daniel formica introduced and helped me realise I should warm up how I sing and ora tice how I sing on vowels/sirens etc because that is wants important.

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