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Song critique :o)

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Martin H

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Hi everyone :)

The following is from the musical EVITA which was staged in Nyborg (Denmark) this summer. I was playing the role of Ché.

I would love to have some critique on the performance! - Any comments are welcome :D

Thanx and Merry Christmas....

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Great Performance Brother! I am not thrilled with the staging, the movement of the cast is stale( it looks rehersed and it shouldn't) it should look alive, but your performance is a thumbs up all the way from me! Your fine join a better cast!lol Where was the lighting?The darks not dark enough, spotlight needed to be more tightly focused. Over all the scene was not set up for maximal mood, but you came through anyway. Great Job. You cammand your instrument well know where to hold back and when to punch. I know that can be a difficult task with the wireless face mic. overall great job. Keep doing that it will grow with your confidence!

P.S. If you are asking about technique. Ask me specific questions. People are at various degrees of training and developement. Where your at is fantastic, but there is still room for improvement regardless of who you are or how good you are, for myself included.

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Thanx man! I appreciate it. Yes you are right about the overall staging. I don't know if it has anything to say but it was performed outdoors...and I know that gives it some limitations in regards to lightning, sound etc. compared to a theater :)


Yes Ché AKA me is the guy with the cap and vest :)

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Yeah, depending it might- was it a one night event or a long term run? If it was just one or two nights it wouldn't pay to really do extensive staging. Your not going to pay 1 million up for a quick event. Some of the better Opera houses will spend miliions on staging. Last La Boheme I saw at the met many years ago had the greatest. snow fall, sets, horses etc very well done.

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Martin, what a pleasure it is to see and hear you. I feel like I know you better now. I think its impressive. The overdrive at the end and the finale note is strong, well connected. Keep charging and send us some more. Kudos.

I have to give you a reputation point for that.

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