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Most Frequently Used Falsetto/Head Voice Exercise

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Hey all, what exercises do you most frequently use in headvoice? Preferably something that can be used on a regular basis without "wearing out" the voice. I find that after a while I am totally locked out of my higher register. I find the most success with semi-occluded phonations such as the v, z, and even ng sounds. How can I improve the quality and endurance of my head voice musculature?

What exercises can I use regularly to strengthen this part of my voice? Also, can someone please explain the "witches" cackle exercise to me and how I can use it to its fullest effect. I find that lip rolls/trills are great for warming up the voice but ultimately use too much air for me to make technical refinements.

On my way to building down those low head tones :cool: I hope! lol


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