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Hi new to the forum :)

Been reading through many threads, only just started back at page 70 & im gradually reading backwards trying to learn as much as possible. Ive basically learnt mainly from SLS in the past. Anyway so as im reading i thought id start a thread specifically aimed at what im looking for as i go.

These singers:

0:02, 0:16 etc The gritty/distortion effect he puts on his vocals when he goes high.

5:36, 5:47 & onwards. Again this guy uses it for the higher notes often from then onwards.

Do you achieve it via learning to close off the vocal folds/holding your breath & then use your stomach muscles to "support/push" the air through gradually creating the rough sound. Am i on the right track? Any info/terms/threads you have towards clearing up this subject for me would be great thankyou !

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I see this has prompted some serious discussion lol

I wasnt sure if theyre doing some kind of vocal fry taken up high, i can do that quite easily. I think what theyre actually doing is what this guy shows for chest grit just taken up higher:

I can do that i think, it does feel a little sore though even though i feel it in the soft palate. Any thoughts?

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Tell you the truth, I don't know a whole lot about distortion and how it works, so I can't help you there.

What I do know is that distortion/grit/rasp etc, are advanced techniques, so make sure you know what you're doing, and also make sure you're supporting properly before you fool around with it too much.

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