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No Matter What, I Have High Note Problems [Strain?] (Clip)

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I have tried belting out the high notes and I have tried completely relaxing and this is me trying the kind of middle ground. (I still feel relaxed, but it's not boring and dopey like my 'completely relaxed' attempts). Personally I think when I go all out belt it sounds better, but of course I don't always want to belt those high notes.

http://soundcloud.com/tmusician/starlight/s-ADEu7 (Muse - Starlight Beginning]

"Hold you in my arms" is just sad here, not even close! I need help.

(I also think I have a problem with vibrato, but I think support exercises will help that)

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Ok, well the relaxed thing isn't working for you because you are singing with too much chest anyway. I recommend, singing the song completely in falsetto/head voice, over and over and over, till you start finding that lighter resonance. High notes don't magically come out of your voice, and at your point, you are very far from high note coordination. If you use one bit of that chest voice you are comfortable with, for anything slightly high, nothing is going to happen.

Head voice is the level where you want your resonation and phonation to be, so keep using it till you get comfortable on a lighter level.

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Im just a singer myself, know that song good tune. Just gonna give my own personal advice.

To me it sounds pretty nasaly & you're to tense/need to work on support. Nasality happens i hear when you havent learn to lift the soft palate enough, so to much air resonates in the nose. Im sure there are exercises you could find to help with that.

Outside of that id work on making sure your jaw is loose. Shake it up and down to make sure theres no resistance, see if you can still do this when you are singing on a higher vowel. It should feel free always.

Also when you sing higher practice limiting the airflow. Do not try to make the notes clear at first, allow them to be like a fry sound & quieter aslong as they feel easy to produce. Your muscles have to learn the co-ordination properly before you can push to much air towards them. Allow it to sound crackly at first, keep it quieter. The more you practice with that form the stronger the notes will get.

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