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Head voice or falsetto

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Owen how did you go about finding your head voice then, sounds like you had a similar experience to me.

Also the guy in that video, sounds like the register I was originally talking about, I'm pretty confident that it is falsetto then.

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Really simple answer did you yodel or crack? if you did its falsetto.. But still strengthen that coordination seperately from your full voice. When you sing in full voice you will be able to go higher and stronger as you keep strengthening your chest and your falsetto..:)

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yeah, MDEW has a point, you have to keep using head voice to get good at it. You also need to understand, range doesn't mean zip(replace with less rude word) if you don't have good tone. I would bet $1000 dollars that your chest voice has too much breath and a smooth onset where the larynx doesn't drop at the proper time; and possibly too much pressure.

Chest voice doesn't have anything to do with how your high notes sound, it's how your low notes sound.

dover, chest voice (resonance) has everything to do with how your high notes sound. many times chest voice is a launching pad for high notes.

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