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Useful breathing support artical

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Hey folks... I came across this http://voicecouncil.com/support-your-voice-breathing/#

Thought it explained support well. The only thing I haven't come across before/use is the last part;

In reference to 'belt':

'The support is felt much higher, the muscles come out right under your armpits, and your intake of breath is quick and high'

Anyone have any comments about this or found it helpful for them. Personally I still keep everything low.

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gina, i think they are suggesting engaging the lats (those big muscles in the back that when developed give a person that "v" shape you see a lot on bodybuilders).

i have tried experimenting with this........didn't feel any noticable difference/improvement/advantage either way.

i prefer to stay down low and expanded myself.

here's a video where lou gramm seems to be doing it though. towards the end of the video at 4:17 there's a back shot and you see him flexing his lats there. (also went a little sharp there too...lol!!)

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