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Found out how to sing two notes at once

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So I found this 'position' that is like a second-falsetto.

The way I usually sing feels like I shift my vocal chords into a wierd place and they behave entirely differently... Like a second voice. This is like a second falsetto.

So I can sing in this falsetto, and sing a chest note at the same time, and controll both pitches independantly. It is remarkable hard to do, but easy to get into. So I will continue to practice this and keep you updated.

This came as a result of trying to find a 'falsetto' or 'head voice' to get into so I can bridge the gap between my whistle notes and highest head/mix/whatever you want to call em's.

So for those of you looking for a demo, I shall post one with enough practice.

EDIT: Ah yes, and I should add that I am quite familiar with throat/overtone singing. This is not that. It is another voice.


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Hmm okay, I have practiced quite a bit now and am really confused as to what it is.

If you have read my thread 'how to hit high(er) notes?' then you know about the problem with both my falsetto and full voice only reaching the same note. This is now the same with this new falsetto, though it's produced entirely differently.

I though it could go much higher at first, perhaps I was under a misapprehension.

So, FULL, FALSETTO, and this wierd second falsetto/head voice all end on the same note.

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The first note is a full note. The second note is something that starts as a squeak, and once i learnedto control it better, sounds a bit more like falsetto.

Total control I think. I can make one go up and the other go down it seems. Or just hold one in place and change the other (that's easier to confirm)

It is strange, but I know for a fact that the position i'm doing it in is rather uncommon and probblay conuter-intuitive

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I have already strengthened it to an audiable speaking level, so it has been improving. If I can strengthen it enough, I think it would be useful, but only for some kind of experimental genre probably.

I will post a file eventually I think, I just want it to be worth my time. I can only record on weekends, and I missed my chance last week, but I practice everyday (including practice of this second falsetto)

Also, don't let your curiosity excite you too much, it's not spectacular, just like a weak falsetto! hehe

But I can single out the overtone, so I'm not so sure it is an overtone either.

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