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Soft Palate Soreness

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Hello all. I'm a new singer and I have started to develop a problem with my soft palate. When I sing (and it doesn't even have to be for very long, maybe 10-15 minutes) I develop a soreness in my soft palate. My teacher hasn't heard of this before and she's researching it for me, but I thought maybe you all here at the forum would have an answer if she couldn't find one.

The pain is NOT in the throat but up in the palate. I have a history of sinus problems causing a similar soreness, and I also have a maldeveloped jaw with a slightly lower maxilla than normal. This has never caused me problems beyond some crooked teeth, and this hasn't been an issue in my singing, but I thought it might be relevant to mention.

I personally suspect my palate is sore from sinus problems and the singing aggravates it, but I'm not sure. If it is a sinus problem, how should I treat it? My sinuses frequently cause palate soreness, a sore throat, and an upset stomach.

Thank you.

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There are some infections that create this kind of soreness in the mouth, Possibly something fungal, especially if you've taken antibiotics repeatedly for the sinus issues. You'd feel the pain every tie you swallow, & worse when food ha sharp edges (crackers, chips, toast) or is strongly flavored (spicy-hot, or very sour). Please see an ear-nose-throat MD and tell them that you're in pain -- federal law requires people to take pain complaint seriously. If one MD doesnt seem sure of what you have, ask for a referral to another.


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