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I sound like Halford but want to sing like Storace

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When I sing naturally, it always sounds like Halford. Not that it is apparently similar, but the range and applied techniques are similar.

I would like to combine my natural methods with a more manufactured sound much like Marc Storace or Brian Johnson. I don't know how they achieve their grungy and gurgly psycho shout. Again, I don't want to sound like them, I want to use their technique to achieve my own distinct mix.

What I use sounds like:

Judas Priest

Angel - Angel of Retribution

Grinder - British Steel

Tyrant - Sad Wings of Destiny

What I want to use sounds like:


Our Love - The Blitz

Headhunter - Headhunter


Shoot to Thrill - Back in Black

So what sort of exercises or "impressions" can I do to help me understand this?

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