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Vocal Analysis of Korean Singer.

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Alright the singer's name is Kim Jaejoong. I am very fascinated by his voice style and the way he adds the grit/rasp (not sure what to call it). I would just like someone professional to help me clarify his vocal techniques. Any help would be very appreciated.

There is the link to the song. It is definitely a rock song. I am wondering on where he uses chest, transitions, and where he uses head voice? I am pretty confident that he uses head voice, but how does he create that sound to where it sounds so powerful? If I would like mimic that style would I practice vocal fry? Then apply it to my head voice? Then would I use a dopey head voice or a more pharyngeal head voice?

A part that I am interested in is 3:53 - 4:08. Can someone please explain where he transitions? I do not even notice where he transitions or how should I even approach transitioning if I were trying to sing this song? How does someone even approach singing this phrase? Should I do exercises that use more pharyngeal when I am in chest and then transition to a more dopier sound in head voice? What would you do to obtain this vocal style? Thanks for any help. I am currently trying to add a little rock to my own voice, but it is definitely giving me a hard time.

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