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Opening throat while keeping forward placement

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Everything has been going really well lately in training except for not being able to keep forward placement while opening the throat. As I ascend the scale and open the throat, the sound seems to just get swallowed. The pitch and coordination feel right but the voice just feels stuck. When I don't open the throat fully I don't have this problem at all and can do messa di voce pretty much anywhere in my range without problem.

Does anybody know some general causes of this or ways to fix the issue? Not enough support? Too much air?

If Felipe sees this, I would really appreciate some feedback on this from you.

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Hey man.

Its kinda hard to grasp all you are saying without hearing/seeing it.

You are trainning with the help of a coach right?

What is the problem with the way you are doing it currently, without trying to open? Not comfortable? Pressed?

You see, if you just open, you will disrupt the emission. There must be something else getting in your way forcing you to do something.

"open throat singing" is an expression Ive only seen here in these forums. The sensation is used to train support and to relief overcompression for example. If its balanced and comfortable and you force it to open, well, it will open :).

Or is it something else you are trying to do? Passagio uses something very different than this sensation.

I think your coach has much better means to help you in this. But if yiu feel like it, send us a sample of the problematic area in both ways, or mail me if you dont want it public.


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just from a singer's perspective, when you say swallowed, i'm thinking you might be allowing the tongue and/or the sound to move too far back into the throat which will block or muffle the tone.

with open throat singing, the tongue has to be relaxed and forward, and at every chance when not in use to be planted behind the lower front teeth.

a vocal sample would help.

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