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Trying to rid Daffy Duck from my singing voice.

Recording this while on the way to see some friends.

I currently have a cold and my singing isn't on point at all. Heard a section of a song I really like and thought I'd give it a go. It isn't pleasant to the ears but I'm trying to normalize the sound.

It's fairly quacky past G4 and I'm trying to lessen the quack. I may be twanging too much or crying into it too much.

If I lessen either one of these what is the counterbalance I must achieve in order not to flip and keep the tone bright and even?


(Tried to embedd but it hates the start at code)
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It did not sound that quacky to me but I am not a teacher. I did notice a pulsing type sound in your onset. I like it.

I believe that pulsing is what led people to believe you were using autotune in a previous thread. I personally think it sounds cool.

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I understand what you are saying about the pulse being the cords trying to stay together.

But it still sounds to me that you are in a connected voice not a falsetto.

My voice will make that pulse or switch in the tone when I am trying to find a light headvoice. I cannot decide weather it is the first tone or the second which is the one that I am to be strengthening.

I was thinking that is was more like the cords were settling into place rather than being blown apart.

Robert has a thread on onsets for headvoice. Maybe that will give you some things to concider.

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Check out the vid. I think these are trouble shooter onsets.


Either open the first link in Roberts Post or scroll down to the video that say six techniques for head voice.

Don't get to caught up in the back and forth banter. Just go to the video.

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Yeah I feel like I'm making it too bright.

Had a lesson with a new teacher today, we discussed several things.

He said that my onset is more glottal, there would be a click before most words, so helped me find the balanced attack which is helping out a great deal. We focused on the surprised or eureka feeling/sound, which helped a lot. We went through a few vowels and ee/eh is the most comfortable note to sing at the moment, so looks like I'm an ee guy.

He said support was fine, stance was fine. I have a tendency to tighten my jaw and push it forward which I'm going to work on.

He also said I have a tendency to let the sound go too far back and that's what's choking me. So I need to feel the resonance in my mask more. Feel the forward placement and keep it there, all the way through the scale.

I were hitting G4s like a charm earlier. So hopefully I can finally master E4-A4.

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