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a small updated take on some original stuff...any better yet?

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Okay it's been a while since I linked anything here... I have been practicing, and been doing a lot of lyrical writing lately, too... I am an untrained novice at singing and I am interested in just getting some feed back as to what others think of the sound of my voice overall. any promise in here? I have an eager musician friend who insists that I should sing, but I am not sure if he is just being generous to boost my ego- ya know?

please let me know what you think!

I apologize in advance for the shoddy quality of sound of the recording- I am in an apartment now so I can't sing as expressively as I would like to, and this is recorded by my laptop mic, very minor tweaking in cubase which I am also a novice to! nonetheless, this short clip is a more recent sampling of my sound. hope this is getting better >_<

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