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TVS CI - Jake Voth from Germany - Bridging & Connecting

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Robert Lunte

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Do any of you guys speak German? Here is one of my teachers from Germany who just released this new simple tutorial on "bridging & connecting' for YouTube... you don't have to understand the language to understand that the phonations kick ass... BTW... at 1:37... this is NOT a mistake... he is purposely demonstrating a vocal break... keep watching and you see some flashy stuff...

Just kind of fun and different, thought I would share it with you guys.

TVS Certified Instructor - Jake Voth - Germany

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I didn't catch all of it. He is speaking with a northern dialect (I learned about that, based on where a speaker places the aspirant 'ch').

He starts off thanking TVS and Free Your Voice. And then, as you can see, goes into an explanation of bridging. And yes, the voice break is something he allowed to happen to show how bridging solves that problem.

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