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A bit of Bruno Mars "Grenade" chorus, would appreciate opinions?

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Hello guys, I just really want opinions and constructive criticism on my voice. Do I suck? Too high of a timbre? Am I ok?

I know its a small piece of the my voice but I just really would love to know what you guys think of my timbre.

Btw the notes are "I jump in(c#4) front(g#4) of a train(F#4-F4-F#4-F4)" for the next line its basically the same notes with same melody just different words.

In this clip I am singing just the first line of the chorus of Grenade in F#4.

The notea are "I catch a gre(F#4) nade(G#4) for(E4) ya(C#4)"

All in all I really appreciate any replies because right now I dont have money to get a vocal lesson so I do really appreciate all criticisms here since I feel in this forum there are people/singers that are well educated on the art/craft of singing.

I have my own opinions on my voice but I would really appreciate the opinions and criticisms of other singers or a few vocal coaches that are here.

Thanx to all who reply!:)

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