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Breath Support for higher notes

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I recently found that as I was going up the scale and listening to myself sing that when I reached the higher note, the tendency for me at least, was that to hit that higher note, I would go breathy to try to get that sound.

From memory, I remember reading about using more velocity and I began focusing on how much air was actually going into my I realized then I was using less air on the high notes.... so as I was practicing my scales again, just simple ah's and hums, I used the same air support I had for the lower notes with the higher notes. The result was a way better sound!

I'm not sure if this is the right technique but I don't feel any fatigue.

Any pointers or comments will be awarded with marshmallow and hot chocolate :D

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jz I could get a better idea of what you are doing if you could send a sample.

Because you see, if you press it, you reduce the airflow, and it will become better, but on the long run, it will take its toll on your voice, it will gradually tire you over time (resistance starts to decrease).

Its the same support yes, the same emission quality yes, but you have to change resonance a bit to ballance for the extra effort OR reduce volume, a lot.

If its possible let us hear it.

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Its a bit airy man, it make it really hard to practice like this, and you can develop a gap if you insist in this posture.

Do this:

Pretend that you calling someone that is far away, your voice is open so you should have not troube. Like Hey you! But really pretend, create the situation in you mind and call a person. Get the feeling of this strong voice and use THAT more ajusted voice from the beginning, the posture seems fine, you can round the AH a bit to make it easier, a bit in the direction of the OH if you can.

Place your hand in the front of your mouth, you should feel just warmth, no air flow. The overall posture of the exercise is going into a nice direction, keep the same character through the scale. Dont try to project too much on the low notes, and allow the volume to increase as it goes high, it should be easier and will help building some strenght. Dont go any higher than this until its easy and comfortable.

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Dude, you have my voice. It's quite scary, to me this sounded like I had uploaded something in my sleep :)

HAHAHAHAHA, i can imagine your wtf expression....good, then we can work together to get better hahaha

sure thing. just remember that support will not work if you dont change the emission too. You cant limit air flow if you are commanding your voice to be airy, do you follow?

I think I got it, you mean if I keep being airy, I can't do anything with it because I have no support to work with it?

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What I meant is that you are producing an airy voice right from the intent. Your intention, the command, the idea you are using is to produce an airy voice. Thats why you need to ajust it too. Use a stronger voice and that stronger voice can be supported.

Otherwise you will find yourself producing airy vowels and fighting against them. Dont fight them, the poor vowels are inocent hehe, just use a stronger one :).

So call someone, dont shout, just call as if the person was a few meters away, but not paying attention. Or scold your dog, that firm and strong voice.

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