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How do I find voice seminars/master classes?

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Dear friends,

How do I find short-term summer seminars/workshops/clinics/master classes in the US? Are there any listings or directories that can make the search easier and faster? (It looks like just Googling it doesn't help a lot.)

Or do you think the best option is to contact, say, universities that have music programs directly and ask if they are planning to hold workshops?

(Just in case, I am looking for short-term summer seminars on voice (non-classical - soul, R'n'B techniques).

I would be happy to hear from you!

Thank you!


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  • Administrator

Universities? ... Would not be the first place I would look... especially if you want non-classical... no way.

If you are in Europe, I can offer you four dates where I will be teaching in November and December... The TVS 'Training Vocal Athletes" Masterclass is one of the more popular events in the business, we have been doing it for about six years. Here are the details...


Hope to see you there.

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