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Extending my chest voice

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Hello everyone,

I think I'm a bass-baritone singer (I can sing in a key lower than C1; of course it sounds awful there), and the highest note I can hit is F4 (and maybe sometimes F#4). I still haven't found my head voice, and was just wondering if it's at all possible to extend a little bit my chest voice so that maybe I will be able to hit G4 only using chest voice. Is it possible? Or maybe I should leave it and concentrate in finding my head voice? What do you think and recommend?

Thanks in advance!

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C1, are you sure? that is low low low!!

I think your best bet is to find your head voice. What happens when you keep singing higher? Your head voice might sound weak and wimpy an girly to start with but this can be built upon with time and patience so that you get a chest like belty sound but in your head voice. Pulling your chest to high will cause strain and constriction.

That's if you can't get lessons like felipe said

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No, dominant chest voice musculature will not allow you go expand your range. The voice starts blending in head voice musculature as it goes past your first octave i.e. if your low is a f2, then from f3-b3 you will start blending. Each note has an optimal chest/head voice ratio, so if you just pull chest you won't go anywhere.

head voice offers coordination while chest offers power.

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i don't understand this fear of trying to extend your range....it's doesn't mean you are going to have to pull chest (i hate that term) to do it.

work on the head voice yes, (ideally in a descending direction) but you can also do exercises to develop your mix using chest voice as a launching pad.

just do basic scales...support well.

as you ascend you will feel that tenseness that signals you are at the end. just run the voice up to that point, maybe try one more note and end it, and head back down.

look at it like your are doing nothing else but singing up and down, up and down.

maybe you'll strain a bit and squeak a bit but in time you will strenghten and instead of feeling like you are driving the voice up from below, you'll start to feel the head voice take over to pull you up.

again, it takes time.

one connected voice.

a simple scale and words for this are may, neyat, nuh, woup, (as in whoppin'...."that boy needs a good whoppin'")

weep, and "aw."

now with the "may" and "nyat" they are not head voice accessing words. just run those up as high as you can just as you hear it. they will build strength.

but a word like "woup" has the narrowness you need to run you up into the head voice. its vowel narrowness allows access with little tension.

have i made it clear? experiment and feel how some sounds by their very nature aren't allowing access up to head voice and other sounds do.

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