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So I have a new teacher and he seems to be from the "Classical" side of singing.

He sounds extremely classical when he sings, but that doesn't phase me in terms of singing. I sing R&B but learning to sing is learning to sing right? Finding an contemporary R&B singer in my area would be very hard.

He first started with my onset/attack saying that it was aspirate and needed to be more firm. It's hard to describe it but he stated that I need to go with the excited/eureka feeling. No Popping/Click when I start the phonation, no breath before the phonation begins, no vocal fry (for the time being until I get the firm vocal cord closure).

Rather than thinking up and back. He has taught me to think forward and into my mask. This has helped me stay connected as I go up the scale. I no longer feel a strain in my throat. Also started to firm my abs when I sing, not clenched rock solid but just firm. I feel adequate pressure.

This attack has helped my singing A LOT! I feel much more connected and more resonate. I should upload a few clips to help describe the attack more.

I just thought I would make this thread to show this has helped my singing a lot more than thinking of support, getting higher and higher in my range, finding head voice etc. One of my problems was something as simple as the attack rather than thinking of techniques to get through my passaggio/break.

Anyone like to comment about what attack they go for when singing or any exercises to help build muscle memory for the attack and what attack you find best.

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It sounds good indeed. Just let the teacher know your objectives and work within your repertoire when doing songs, should produce a lot of results, and even if not the final objective you have, you will have a much better grasp of what to look for.

And train man, get the exercises nailed, repeat, repeat, repeat. Its boring as hell on the beginning, but its worth it. GL!

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Thank you very much Felipe. I practice day in day out. I feel I over practice sometimes. I've been to two sessions with my new teachet and feel much more vocal closure and more support. It's mainting the sensation all the way through the phonation I'm coming to grasps with. I'm flipping less and feel a lot more confident.

I'm trying to pull back on the volume and lighten slightly bit not too much. I feel I used to lighten too much and not lean into my voice as I should have. I'll report back when I advance more.

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