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Sins of the Past

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In the thread about how we all came around to being singers, Felipe was totally "naked," linking in some of his "problematic" stuff. A cover of "Perfect Stranger" by Deep Purple that was rife with pitchiness and voice cracks, running out of breath, the whole 9 yards.

Well, I just can't be out-done by Felipe. So, let's have a thread to post our "dogs." The recordings and efforts better left unheard. We all have off days. We all progress, and we all started somewhere. And, in spite of singing well on other things, we can still get our butts kicked by a song. If I can find it, I will find my torturous version of "I Remember You," a version even I could not stand or defend, no matter what. In the mean time;

Here I was recording on one of those cheapie desk mics that you can get at Office Depot. And it shows. Plus, it seems, I did absolutely everything wrong in this song. Wrong intonation, screwed up breathing. Losing my place in the lyrics and coming in too early. Please, do not ask me why I did the intro and outro in falsetto. Pardon me while I momentarily slap myself silly for doing that ....

There now, that's better.

"Holy Diver" murdered by ronws.


And another one. After I had injured my voice, I still could not stop myself from singing. And I should not have recorded this as my voice was still a bit wonky. It lacks the ring that I normally here and I really should have just shut up for another week.

"Whiskey in the Jar" mutilated by ronws.


That's enough for now. I need to find the version I did of "Heaven and Hell" around the same time where my highs are nothing but rasp, another testament to "please, for the love of God, don't do that."

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Found it but I can't get into my box account. So, I had to start one at sound cloud.

The rasp you hear on this, especially on the high notes is not anything I was trying to do and, for once, I was not overloading the mic. It is because my vocal folds are note operating properly. It is the result of being swollen and strained. I should not have done this. So, when I tell others to rest and treat their folds with respect, I know from whereof I speak. In the words of so many tv shows, do not try this at home.

"Heaven and Hell" abused by ronws.

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Same link as above.

I found my other crime against humanity. Proof that just because you have the range doesn't mean that you should sing the song.

"I Remember You" by Skid Row.

Here's a list of all the things wrong.

I had not rehearsed the song, just decided to do it on a whim. Found a cheat sheet and printed it off. You are hearing the first and only take. To make matters worse, I was trying to sound like Baz and just not making it. I had to go into Audacity to find it. I was so embarrassed that I never exported it to mp3 in order to share it. Only spoke of it in passing. And now, you can hear why I never shared it. Until now, when I seem to be in a mood to inflict suffering on others. :lol:

On the other hand, I kind of liked my guitar playing and the sound that the guitar had. To bad my singing was underneath my sight-playing on the guitar.

I sang this song a few days ago and did much better, mainly because I followed the tuning of my own voice and didn't to sound like Baz.

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I actually liked "Whiskey in a Jar". The other songs are not in my paticular taste but I would not say that you commited a crime against humanity.

I do have one or two songs that I thought I did OK on while I was singing but on listening to the recording I was way off pitch especially when in the area around passaggio.

If I did copy them to my computer I will post them so you will not have to feel alone.

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Having some one tell you where the odd sounding parts are helps a lot.

I've also found that I am singing too low in the throat. Speaking in equalizer terms, I need to turn up the highs.

Is that what necessary twang does?

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