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Jugulator Feat. Startburst

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Jug, do I understand you correctly, this is an original? If so, that is really cool. I am so glad to hear you are pursuing originals. The band sounds great; the guitarist has some real nice chops. Nice catchy riff and real mean metal sound. Keep it up and keep them coming. :cool:


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Recently I've finished working on the lyrics of the next song by Starburst. Being a non-native speaker I'd like to discuss them here before starting to sing the song. Any critique is welcome. Please note that the song is a part of the continuing saga started in the previous song called "Into the abyss". Thank you so much :)

So, here we are...

Underwater prisoners


We’re living in fear

Like prisoners here

And still we’re a target being tracked

We’re dreaming of daylight

But facing just water outside

We’re longing for soft nights

But feeling we’re goin’ insane

It seems so unreal now

We’ll ever be back …

Verse 1

Provision is over

Deceases are closer

And time is no longer our friend

There's no one to count on

There’s nowhere to run, it’s the end

We’re losing our temper

We’re dying from hunger

Much water but no drop to drink

Decay and corruption

And scurvy… we are on the brink


Set us free, let us see the light

Save our souls, guide us through the night

Give us strength and will to start the fight

Verse 2

The pressure’s increasing

Our systems start crushing

Computers got out of control

The funds are exhausted

The abyss will swallow us all

One hundred survivors

We’re praying for mercy

Despaired we wait for His sign

Who walked on the waters

And changed the water to wine


Solo 1

Solo 2


Hundred survivors fighting till the end

So worn out we’ve been trying to stand

Hundred survivors struggling hand in hand

We’re ready to defy till the end

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forger, we've got just two songs finished, i.e. The dark riders and Into the abyss. The third one (that was going to be discussed in this thread) is almost finished. As for the entire EP, it will contain 5-6 songs, excluding an ambient intro and an outro. As soon as the next song is complete, I'll post it here.

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Well, it's been a while since I posted songs by Starburst here. But we have a new one for you. It's called Underwater prisoners and is a part of the continuing saga about those hundreds people survived when black invaders came to conquer the Earth. Enjoy and critique. Thank you.


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That first tune is Rockin!! You have a Dave Mustane/Ronnie James Dio thing going on with your vocals (I'm a big fan of both styles). Who's wailing on the guitar? Becasue they are shredding it! (that's a good thing!). Love the drum fills and back rythm of the bass guitar. This takes me back to my headbangin' days as a young man in the 80's.

Keep on rockin Jug!

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Awesome, Igor, of course. I get so bored typing responses to you because they all mean "good job." And I am the king of "good job." Then, again, I am a member of the music buying public, not some soi-disant (that's french, look it up) singing expert. And this is immediately salable. Elements of glam and dark metal all rolled into one, with some classical influence. A galloping bass like Iron Maiden and high notes an octave higher than old Bruce. Libretto reminiscent of Australia's own Billy Thorpe with a range and power he could never do (not do disrespect him. "Children of the Sun" is a song I would like to record, having covered it, at home, many times, before.)

People, this is how "it's done."

Just remember the small guys like me, Igor, when you are a supernova superstar.

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Thank you for such kind words, guys. The songs by Starburst are just preliminary versions, and unfortunately I don't know when we can finish with the EP. The sound quality is still an issue. The current situation is that iRockers Crew is making progress much faster, but I don't wanna stop the Starburst project. Maybe we'll try to combine these two bands into one cool hard'n'heavy crew in the future...

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