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What does a formant feel like?

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Rockin Mike

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Mike - Say "oo" and turn it into an "ee" slowly - "oooowweeee" You'll hear and hear the F2 (second formant) change from 800hz to 2500hz, or from about G5 to about F7. Instead of vocalizing it you can whistle the "ooowweee" and hear the formant as an audible pitch. The combination of different formants make vowels recognizeable.

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formants always confused me till i made my own definition of them.

simply, very simply put, formants are harmonic categories that produce the most efficient, most accurate production of tone.

take and old analog transitor radio and tune a station (like the old slide rule dial type) notice how as you tune to the station you want it begins with static before you get to the clearest (static free tone) if you pass that spot you get static again.

that center of the best sound is very similar to singing efficiently, the best harmonic.

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