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How do I learn to sing a certain song, eg Van Halen - Right Now?

but I do know how to learn it on keyboards.

I don't know about the other people here. I suspect Steven Fraser might have some knowledge of piano.

I know for a fact, from growing up in the same house, that my brother, fellow member, slstone, plays piano and keyboards and a bunch of other instruments (he is way more talented than I am and that is not false humility or exaggeration, just a statement of fact.)

But essentially, you are needing someone to teach you how to play chords on keyboards, the way that Eddie Van Halen does.

But are you also wanting to learn to sing the song? You can be taught how to sing and how to sing that song but it is doubtful that your voice will sound just like Sammy Hagar unless you have some genetic similarities.

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