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placement and vibrato

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does anyone have exercises for forward placement and to get rid of wobbly vibrato?

I tried *blow blow blow* E, *blow blow blow* Ay, etc..

that doesn't really work for me, it just makes me light headed.

so far I found that singing Vee on 5 4 3, and then right after, Ah on 5 4 3 works for me.

I have done plenty of ha ha ha's and he he he's and ke kay's, they used to be great for me but they don't do anything for me anymore.

also, the vibrato thing, my vibrato is so bad it sounds like Miranda Sing's... no joke. it never sounded like this but I got sick for a good 5 weeks and my voice basically reset!

it's super wobbly and unfocused it makes me sound off pitch.

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I find the best forward placement exercises use an mmm sound. Do some scales on mmm trying to get your lips to vibrate and as you get higher the vibrations get higher. try and feel them just behind your nose and not in your nose as this will be nasal. try to make the tone not breathy but don't push either (especially as you get higher). Then you can start moving from mmm to ee (as in feet) and try to feel the same buzzy sensation that you did with the mmm sound. Then try all the vowels. This sound get you feeling the forward placement.

As with vibrato, try not to think about it too much, hopefully is will just come naturally. It could be down to your breathing. Hope this helps

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