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With everything on the internet I'm quite overwhelmed with all the information provided. I really don't know where to begin, could you guys recommend me somewhere to start from the absolutle beginning? ex. How the diagphram works, reading scales, distinguish notes, training basic notes. I know seeking a ceritifed vocal teacher would be best but I'm already in debt with school and really want singing as a talent not just an hobby. So my last resort would be learning slowly by myself. Possiblely even good ebooks.


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Hi singingbeginner,

I think you almost answered your own question :) Everything you mentioned are all things easily researched. I't's like asking what you already know. If you asked (which you did) about how the diaphragm works, well, it's as simple as the literally 10 second search I did on google to find this.

You can do that for everything you asked.

As long as we are speaking about the support and diaphragm video i just linked to i would say that is a good place to start. Then you can also google singing to scales and believe it or not an online free keyboard to practice along with. I have even at one point downloaded a free online pitch pipe/tool. Sing scales along with that. Any note. Ah, oo, oh, ee, koo, may, whatever. most important. SING SONGS!!!!! lots of them. :)

Read through the techniques section here and ask more questions as needed. Use you brain. There is a lot of information to be had. Just look for it. Google, google, google. Good luck.

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hey, it can be very overwhelming to start with. The first thing i teach my students is basic breath control. I'm not trying to plug my own stuff but I have a blog that has got a couple of articles that I think you might find helpful. I started it to try and give beginners a helping hand (use the link below) and look for the breathe from your diaphragm post. It might sound silly but the singing for dummies book has some quite useful things in. You could pick up a second hand one on ebay quite cheaply. I would recommend robert luntes four pillars of singing too if you can find a bit of cash.

The most important thing is to keep singing. You will discover your voice and slowly work out what areas you need to improve. Good luck :D

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Ok singing.

I will work with the information you provided me, you say that you are really beginning and have absolutely no clue, and that you dont want it as a hobby, thus I assume professional, as in, it will be your job.

Even if it isnt, since you are making a difference from a hobby, I assume its a significant part of your life. In this you are correct, even if you didnt want to sing, your voice is one of the most important things you have.

Now, there are tons of ways to start. But really, by yourself, seeking info on the net without some sort of reference to track it, everything you will find will be close to black magic. You are on a site that is hosted by a learning program. Its really not that expensive, and its organized and has goals and purposes (two things that are of ultimate importance when trainning).

When seeking for teachers to work personaly. Look for quality and results. Results on students, quality on the teacher voice. Look for someone you trust.

Ultimately if you really MUST do things alone, then sing, record yourself, listen to it, try something else. Aim for quality and comfort. Will lead to results, will take forever, but will. And if you really are into professional application (as a musician), man, aim high, because you will need tons of quality AND technical background to assure it.


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Outstanding post, Felipe.

You can teach yourself by various resources. And it can take a long time, with the hunt and peck method.

A former member pointed something out once. For local coaches, if you cannot afford a singing program or skype lessons, you can often find suitable coaches in local theater and opera companies. People that will charge $30 to $50 for a lesson. Just use those lessons to your fullest extent. It's all on you as the student.

Geoff Tate sang in choir in high school. On his own, he took a total of six lessons with David Kyle. And that lasted a career.

However, of the singing systems you can buy, 4 Pillars is the most affordable and is a huge product for such a small price. And, during this time, Robert Lunte, the author is offering massive discounts to new students and old ones getting an update. That is probably your best bet. For one thing, you buy once and you have the lessons forever, and amen. Plus on his newest packages, he is offering one lesson.

And a number of people have exclaimed the jump of light-years they got in one lesson. The lesson is approximately an hour but actually, Robert will go past the hour if that is what it takes to get you in the place you need to be.

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