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Ongoing vocal strain/tension

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I'm new to the forums here and looking for some advice.

I've been having ongoing problems with vocal strain and muscle tension in my throat. I have never had this kind of problem before and it has been going on for about a year now. I'll have a day or two where my voice is fine, then 2 or 3 weeks of fatigue and tightness.

I've seen an ENT twice and both times they confirmed no vocal damage (no nodules for example). They did, however, confirm that my muscles around my larynx are tight, which explains the feeling I get when I sing. I've been having voice therapy with a speech/language therapist as a result of this diagnosis but I don't see how working with them can solve a problem that feels physically wrong to me.

My problems started after a long holiday involving lots of flying. I also had a severe sinus infection a couple of months after this. I feel like I've lost all the resonsance in my face and wondered if this might be contributed to my voice problems? For example, my ears always feel like they need to pop and my nose feels heavy. Is it possible sinus problems could cause prolonged strain?

I hope someone can help! I'm desperate to start working professionally and this is holding me back!


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