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over night miraculous mind blown voice change

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this entire week (from last sunday) I have done about 8 hours of exercises and warmups

everyone noticed my speaking voice and timbre sounding deeper on saturday

so I rested my voice saturday and sunday and just did larynx exercises

the norm for me is low Ab to baritenor Ab. sometimes I can vocalize to a high B flat. but my voice is super sensitive so i dont do that.

I have not done any warmups or exercises today (and my voice sounds bad today) and I vocalized to a high C....

of course it sounds horrible... but what the flying (*auto edit*)?????

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There's nothing miraculous about the change.

It just means that you never trained your voice properly.

When you start training the right way, you build coordination that is

essential for singing. There's still a lot more to learn, but you're on your way.

I think a 1 hour workout is too much though.

For a workout, 30 minutes is fine.

My suggestion is to use a vocal workout CD.

It is very effecient and forces you not to waste any time.

You'll do everything back-to-back with almost no gaps in-between.

And since it's a full workout, it'll work all the essential areas.

I have 2 recommendations:

"The Contemporary Singer: Essential of Vocal Technique" by Anne Peckham

"Vocal Warm-Ups" by Hal Leonard

Of the 2, I'd recommend Anne Peckham's workout since that's what I use.

She basically has 2 workout routine on the CD:

1)Vocal Warmup + Level 1 Workout for High Voices + Advanced Workout for High Voices (31 minutes)

2)Vocal Warmup + Level 1 Workout for Low Voices + Advanced Workout for Low Voices (31 minutes)

The workouts are identical. They just have different ranges.

They consist of 7 minutes vocal warmup and 24 minutes vocal workout.

I do Workout #1 on Mon-Wed-Fri.

I do Workout #2 on Tue-Thu-Sat.

On Sunday, I rest.

For me, that's what worked best. Doing only workout #1 or only workout #2 didn't give me great results.

It wasn't until I alternated by high and low voice workouts that it really worked for me.

After the workout, your voice will feel relaxed. I usually then go work on a song. Sometimes, I add 5 to 7 minutes of specific drills from "Singing Exercises for Dummies" (especially if they relate to the song I'm practicing).

But yeah, if you build a vocal workout routine and really stick with it, you'll get a lot of improvement in the beginning. On days, I'm lazy and don't practice a song, I at least make sure to do my vocal workout.

In the beginning, focus on relaxing your throat and not pushing to get louder or higher. Otherwise,

you might tire your voice easily.

Anyway, good luck.

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