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Is my connecting on the right track?

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Slow Start

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A sample arpeggio... I don't feel like I was anchoring the last low note correctly after sustaining the prior notes. :(

I started with a range of about A2 to A3 when I first started singing... with terrible tension everywhere. It's been about four years since I started singing, and even after (classical) voice lessons for a year, I had not learned the correct sensations for singing. I did however learn to recognize a ton of bad singing habits.

Reading various threads on this forum over the last year has really helped my singing, teaching me about the sensations of proper support and twang.

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Also, I recorded an octave siren from G3-G4 on an "EH" vowel and plotted the spectrum on the G4 that I was singing.

The siren from G3-G4


I feel like my support was not up to par at the end of the siren... a bad habit of not pacing breath or engaging support consistently, perhaps?

Looks like I see some peaks on G4, G5, D6, G6, but I'm not completely sure if this means I'm doing anything right or wrong.

It feels really "thick" on my voice to siren the G3-G4 like that as well...

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