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A Day To Remember - Have Faith In Me (Power in Head Voice)

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I find this song quite a challenge for me, what is my biggest issue? Support?

I've been singing songs like this for a while now thinking that I just needed to "get used to using head voice" but I'm not sure if that's working.


I don't think this is particularly bad. I think the bigger problems are with tone as opposed to pitch. That being said, I am not that familiar with the song. I do think the support is definitely an issue and you also need to open the throat more.

Felipe, in my opinion, has some of the best advice on support. I would look at some of his posts. If you go to the technique thread and look for his lateral/intercostal support thread I think you will find some really valuable information there. I think the best way to improve tone up higher in your voice is to have more support because with that, you will have the ability to open up the throat more.

In the meantime, I will link some very good support videos. The key here is that if your ribs are not expanded you are not supporting, even if you are doing many of the other things correctly. The first video is a general explanation that you have probably already heard but really focus on the what are happening with the ribs. Again, please visit the thread on lateral/intercostal support by Felipe if you really want to learn how to expand the ribs and back but be careful using his support while singing until it is fully trained. It is a good thing to use to get you in the right coordination but it might be a lot more pressure than you can keep back.

Below is a really solid video series for getting full support. The key thing while looking at everything here is the the ribs never collapse. I had a false sense of support for so long where I was expanding below the ribs but actually using collapsed ribs and that is simply not support.

Start with this video and then go on to watch through video 18.

If you already understand all of this, disregard everything I said here. This is the main problem that I heard from you and I could be wrong.

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